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Jason Martell is an entrepreneurial leader in the tech industry, having cofounded multiple innovative companies over the years. He is an expert in UX, UI, Mobile, Creative + Interactive with 15 years of building online experiences for some of the world’s most recognized brands, such as Apple and MTV. He is particularly well-versed in fintech, where his expertise lies in a deep understanding of user experience (UX) around financial products.

This knowledge was perhaps most notably exemplified through his groundbreaking work at As a cofounder and the third employee of the fledgling company, Mr. Martell led the product team in building and beta testing the first version of their product before they brought it to market. Now is the most successful investment app currently on the market, having achieved over 1 million active users. It is on track to do 1 billion trades in 2017. Nerdwallet praised Acorns’ function as that of a “robo-advisor,” automatically investing spare change from its users’ purchases.

Mr. Martell has also worked for Smart Credit and New American Funding, all in the capacity of improving user experience. He worked on NAF’s various apps from the ground up, while at Smart Credit he handled strategic redesigns of their website and iOS mobile app, allowing users to easily and securely view their credit information.

The Future of Fintech

Mr. Martell is currently collaborating again with most of the same co-founding team of, building the next disruptive fintech product. Traditional fintech companies have not been able to “gamify” financial products that attract a large user base. Mr. Martell and the team aim to bridge this gap, integrating game elements and principles into their product in order to boost engagement and appeal to wider audiences. They are currently in stealth mode and will launch in 2018.

Beyond fintech, Mr. Martell’s expertise in gaming technology led him to found the highly successful gaming company Booya Media, which he runs to this day. Prior to this, he spent years programming video games from scratch using Adobe Flash technology.

Jason Martell also pursues a personal passion in ancient civilization technologies. He is a leading researcher and lecturer in the field, particularly in regards to the Ancient Astronaut Theory. He is a recurring guest on The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, has written numerous books on his research, and created a high-traffic website sharing lessons on topics such as Planet X, Ancient Artifacts, and the Lost Cycle of Time.